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Some people think that it is against rules to fly an American Flag on your condo here at Amber Creek Condos. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The following is the exact wording of the Michigan State Law concerning condos and the American Flag.

559.156a Displaying United States flag on condominium unit; applicability of section.

Sec. 56a. A developer or association of co-owners shall not prohibit a co-owner from displaying a single United States flag of a size not greater than 3 feet by 5 feet anywhere on the exterior of the co-owner's condominium unit. A developer or association of co-owners shall not enforce a prohibition in existence before the effective date of this section on or after that effective date.

Amber Creek Condominium Association Board Members


President:  Nelville Wiles
Vice-President:  Doug Sinnema
Secretary:  Jan Rusticus
Treasurer:  Bob Monroe
Building and Grounds:   Stu Gjeltema
Building and Grounds:   Jack Thornton
Building and Grounds:   Ron Videan


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 380, Byron Center, MI 49315

The Amber Creek Condo Association Drop Box

Is now located by the mail boxes for 8131 Misty View.

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